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Gwendolyn Davis never thought she had leadership potential, but thanks to UVU’s Center for Advancement of Leadership she now works as an intern for the Utah Legislature.

Davis, a California native and current senior in the paralegal studies program at UVU, found the program while searching for opportunities to improve her leadership skills.

“When I started I felt like I needed something to get involved in,” said Davis. “I wanted to learn how to be a good leader and their program works on everything from A to Z.”

Davis isn’t the only one to access help from the Center for Advancement of Leadership. On average the CAL assists over 50,000 students per year in the leadership building process.

The Center’s mission is to provide cutting edge personal, interpersonal, organizational, and civic/service leadership training and experiences for the benefit of UVU students and all high schools, junior high, and grade schools throughout the state of Utah.

“I was speculative,” said Davis, “but I wouldn’t be where I am today at the legislation if it wasn’t for CAL. I have become more mature and I have gained skills that I will have for the rest of my life.”

Since becoming involved with the Utah Legislation Davis has experienced an increase in responsibility, but feels that CAL has prepared her for the professional world.

Among the most valuable experience she gained from the program included the constant peer and mentor evaluation.

“It’s valuable to be constantly evaluated by people who know something about you,” said Davis. “It’s an honest evaluation of you and what you’re about.”

During her time as a legislative intern Davis will continue assisting Representatives Marie Poulson and Christine Watkins by attending meetings and researching information for debates and bills. She will also follow representatives and bills in both the state and national news media.

“I’ve come a long way and it’s really made a difference,” Davis said. “I could never go back to the way things were before.”

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