Val Peterson Moves Forward with Stride

taken by Johnny Morris.

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Val Peterson, vice president of finance and administration, looks forward to his future with UVU.

From a general in the military, VP of finance and administration, to eighth year holder of the District 59 Representative seat for the Utah House of Representatives, Peterson has served in many positions that have required him to to be a collaborative leader and avid relationship builder.

He emphasized such skills during his 50 minute interview for the Snow College presidency position held on Thursday, Jan. 10.

“I think that building relationships is building a pathway for the future,” said Peterson. “And as you build those experiences, you can build upon those to be a change agent.”

Though he wasn’t announced as the winner for the Snow College presidency position, Peterson believed the experience was a win-win.

“I kind of felt like I was in a win-win situation for a couple of reasons. For one, President Tuminez was really supportive of me, the process and the whole team I work with. From an executive standpoint, the other vice presidents were very supportive as well,” said Peterson.

Peterson has served in the military while simultaneously working at UVU for the past 32 years. He played a part in UVU’s transition from Utah Technical College to Utah Valley University, and looks forward to the many projects that will add to the university.

“I often tell people the most exciting place in higher education in the United States is right here at Utah Valley University. So as far as my future [is concerned], I feel very fortunate to be a part of Utah Valley University as we work towards student success at the institution,” said Peterson.

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