UVU Clubs are just bazaar

Take a flea market, add a little bake sale and maybe a dash of fraternity BBQ and you have the ingredients to enjoy the Clubs Bazaar.


Twenty-three UVU clubs participated in the fundraising event held in the Courtyard last Wednesday and Thursday. The bazaar was the first of its kind and featured an array of goods for sale.


While the boys from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity were flipping burgers and grilling beef brats, the UVU Rugby crew was selling club T-shirts and rugby balls. What was originally meant to resemble an “Aladdin style” flea market turned out to be something a little different than expected.


“It’s kind-of like a weird flea market bake sale,” said UVUSA’s Vice President of Clubs and Organizations, Sarah Roseborough.


The brainchild of Roseborough, Clubs Bazaar was organized as a companion event to Club Rush. The idea was that the clubs recruit at Club Rush and raise money at Clubs Bazaar.


“The biggest purpose was to help the clubs become a little more independent and self-sustaining,” Roseborough said.


Fundraising can be a big boost for clubs that want to do activities, go to conferences and play in tournaments. The UVU Rugby Club came to the bazaar to fund new jerseys and full rugby gear for the squad, according to Malakai Tuakimoana, assistant president of the Rugby Club.


One club left the baking and grilling to the buyers by selling a compilation cookbook. Representing International Service Abroad, Julie Bagley claimed the engineers could successfully apply their engineering skills to the kitchen.


“We decided that if our engineering students could build a prosthetic foot we could build a cookbook to sell to make money to do more prosthetics,” Bagley said.


The cookbook sold for $20 or two for $30.


Playing to college students’ appetites, many of the booths offered food. The UVU Model UN Club served up Venezuelan desserts, including the popular dish tres leches, with hopes to raise enough money to bring a Chilean ambassador to speak at UVU.


The UVU Clubs and Organizations department was responsible for advertising and setting up the event, allowing each club to only worry about their individual booth. Roseborough looks forward to doing Clubs Bazaar every semester just like Club Rush. She feels it will be a great way to kick off the semester for the clubs.


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