The student life cycle

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With such busy schedules, some students catch a nap on campus.

Study. Facebook. Nap. Repeat.


These words seem to describe the typical day of a college student. The locations that students choose to do these activities tend to vary widely according to personal preference. However, there are some clear favorites among our student body.


The library offers many options for students looking to study, nap or both­–sometimes simultaneously.


“They say you learn better in your sleep ya know,” said Makenna Donaldson, a former UVU student. “I used to nap in the hallway to the library in one of those nook things. I would stick in my headphones and be dead to the world.”


The hallway between the physical education building and the UCCU Center is full of couches where you are almost certain to find at least one student sound asleep. Trying to ask these students why they prefer that particular hallway is easier said than done–they were all out cold.


The hall of flags is also a guaranteed hotspot for students looking to do some studying. Aside from the great view of the mountains to the west and the courtyard to the east, many students choose to make use of this stretch to strut their stuff to hundreds of their peers sitting in the chairs lining the walls.


“I always used to like to study in the hall of flags,” said UVU alumnus Blaine Nilsson. “But I wasn’t studying homework.”


If you are feeling a little more outdoorsy, when the weather is nice, or maybe just want to work on your tan, the quad is a great place to go. The grass provides a comfortable spot to sit and the waterfall helps to drown out the normal campus sounds.


“I like being by the waterfall,” said student Chelsea Anderson. “I took a nap [there], and did homework. So it [has a] dual purpose.”


If students aren’t comfortable sprawling out and sleeping in a high traffic area but still want to take a nap on campus, don’t worry. There are still options. People can often find students asleep on the floor of an otherwise empty group study room in the library.


Another example of a low-profile quiet area is on the second floor of the Browning Administration Building. Just up the stairs in front of One Stop and past the classrooms to the end of the hall. There students will find a couple of couches and chairs, without much traffic.

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