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As a large commuter school, UVU has developed a variety of options for getting to and from the Orem campus. Whether you’re in a car, on public transportation or a bicycle, there are several key areas and campus services that every student should be aware of. No matter your form of transportation, every commuter should figure out how to get to and from campus prior to the first day of the semester. 

For exact locations of all paid, free, ADA and motorcycle parking, as well as EV charging stations, and bike racks see the interactive UVU Campus Map

Walking, Biking and Public Transit (UTA)

Contrary to popular belief, cool kids don’t drive to school in college. Yes, the perks of driving to school and fighting for a parking spot during peak hours quickly give way to cheaper, less stressful and more planet-friendly solutions. 

In order to alleviate congestion, pollution and accessibility needs, all UVU students registered for one or more credits are eligible for free UTA services including the Frontrunner, Trax, buses and UVX systems. Essential to UVU students in the Provo/Orem metro area, the UVX provides frequent stops in front of campus every six to 10 minutes. 

Even if you’re new to using car-free transportation, route planning through the UTA-recommended Transit App or Google Maps is a breeze. For those walking and biking, UTA services can close large distance gaps and limit exposure to inclement weather. It is important to come to terms with the fact that while using public transit might lengthen trip times, the time spent traveling can be used to study, catch up on sleep or relax before and after school. With a bit of planning and organization, traffic-filled commutes turn into time for rest and productivity. 

For those living close to campus, walking and biking is a viable day-to-day option. There are two routes for access across both I-15 and University Parkway. A dedicated path connects south campus near to the apartment complexes and stores across otherwise difficult to navigate intersections (see green path below for bike and pedestrian-friendly routes). Bicycle racks are plentiful across campus, with one covered area for bikes underneath the bridge connecting the Liberal Arts Building (LA)  and Fulton Library (FL).

Average walking time across campus – Image courtesy of UVU Parking Services
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The newly completed bridge across I-15 connects west campus, the UTA Orem Central Station, and many apartment complexes in the area, to the main campus. The 7-minute walk on the covered bridge is a welcome addition, affording another option to the UVX and bus routes that lead to campus from Orem Central Station.

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Driving and Parking

While UVU is relatively easy to access via I-15, navigating campus can be a bit challenging for those unfamiliar with the layout. For this reason, testing out a route before the start of the semester is highly recommended for new commuters. Nothing worse than being late because you got lost on campus after taking a wrong turn in the heat of morning traffic.

Once you know where to go, you can focus on finding a parking spot. 

To accommodate the many vehicles on campus, the university has significantly expanding parking capacity. The existing permit-based system requires students to register for semester parking passes for either Yellow (paid) or Purple (free) parking lots. The more convenient Yellow parking lots are spread across main campus, while the Purple parking lot west of I-15 allows campus access via the pedestrian bridge connecting main and west campus. According to Parking services,

“Certain parking lots fill up first in the morning — lots L3, L5, L6, L8, L14, M21, and M25. These lots are close to campus buildings, making the demand for spots in these lots very high. If you want to park in these lots, you will need to plan accordingly. We highly recommend when parking is congested that you park in lots L9, L10, or M29. These lots are slightly farther away but the demand and competition are much lower. You can park and walk to class from these lots in an average of 10 minutes.” 

A premium covered parking garage is available just west of the Student Life and Wellness Building. As a last resource, several spots are available at an hourly rate in both covered and uncovered parking areas. 

UVU Orem Campus Parking Lot Map – Image courtesy of UVU Parking Services

In addition to providing parking permits–and tickets should you forget to register your vehicle– parking services can help if you’re caught in a pinch with: 

  • Jump-starting vehicles with a dead battery.
  • Unlocking locked cars when keys are left inside.
  • Aiding in changing a flat tire.
  • Taking a customer to a gas station if their vehicle is out of fuel.

 For more detailed information on services, permits, citations, and parking lots visit the UVU Parking Services site.

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