Student Spotlight: Shadow Cast director

In his free time, Ryan Fallis directs Shadow Cast productions of "Repo: The Genetic Opera."

Balancing the life of a student and a director is no small task. Just ask sophomore, Ryan Fallis. Fallis has been directing the Shadow Cast for the Salt Lake Production of “Repo: The Genetic Opera” since 2009.

“We perform it the way that many midnight showings of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ have done, acting it out while the movie plays behind us,” Fallis said. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” had a large following and fan actors decided to reenact the movie while it played on a screen behind them. Which lead to the creation of a new type of productions, called a Shadow Cast.

According to Fallis, community reaction has been surprisingly positive toward this Shadow Cast.

“Because the show is so new, compared to many other cult classics, we are always seeing virgins, or newbies to the show, showing up to join or learn about the entire experience,” Fallis said.

Putting on a Shadow Cast production isn’t without its trials though.

“Throughout the two year history of production cast, costumes and stage effects have gone through various changes. These adjustments haven’t affected the show in any negative way,” Fallis said. “The hardest part of the production is juggling schedules.”

In high school Fallis’s favorite classes included art and drama.

“I have always wanted to act and pursue it as a kid,” said Fallis.

In his senior year ‘05, he was honored by Orem High as Drama Student of the Year for his contributions to the school drama department.

Some of his more memorable moments on stage included in being in an ensemble of “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” The Duke of “Albany in King Lear” and Jean Val Jean in “Les Miserable.”

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