Shopping cart parade adds flavor to homecoming

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The halls filled with streamers, balloons and shopping carts at the commencement of the second annual Shopping Cart Parade for Homecoming week, held on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The different clubs and groups competed in full force with colorful designs and themes of their shopping carts. Students lined the main hall of the Student Center and filled the Grand Ballroom to engage in the noise and fun.


A variety of 12 clubs and organizations on campus crafted their shopping cart “floats” to compete for the title of different categories in the parade. The parade was slightly smaller than last year, but Sammie Frei, President of the Special Events Committee, was encouraged that the shopping cart parade will grow as the tradition continues.


“The shopping carts looked fantastic, and there is a lot of creativity in this school. This is a tradition that will definitely continue on campus,” Frei said.


The shopping carts ranged in style and size with a spinning maypole representing the Student Services and a jousting knight on a horse made of cardboard created by the Student Alumni.


“It took about four hours to make, and it represents the theme of tradition,” said Adam Price, member of the Student Alumni.


Members of the faculty and a mix of old student body government members judged the carts. With a wide variety of creativity and flair, the judges had difficulty picking winners for the different categories, but selections were made as follows:


Best Theme: The UVU Bookstore

Best Creativity: The Prospective Students Organization

Best Department Representation: International Students

Best Spirit Award: Wolverine Athletics Club

Best Overall: Outdoor Adventure Center


The OAC’s shopping cart portrayed a snow truck with actual tires, complete with snowboard and skis strapped to the top. The members of the OAC paraded around the cart dressed in skis, snow boots and camping apparel.


The International Students club was happy to be included in the list of winners.


“It took us about two hours last night to make it,” said Brazilian Lucas Da Silva. “Brazil is the spotlight for this year’s international theme, so that is why we used the grass skirts and the globe because it represents international spirit.”



By Faith Heaton – Staff Writer

Photos by Gilbert Cisneros

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