Best Dance Crew final face off

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In the most attended event during Homecoming week, the final competition for UVUSA’s Best Dance Crew took place Nov. 17, Thursday night at 8 p.m. in the Ballroom. The finalists included We are Martian, Double Vision, The Primas, Mafia by Design and Haeday.


The groups competed with their chosen songs and styles of hip hop to place in the top two crews who would have an improvised dance off to determine the winner. We are Martians traced the floor in robotic space-themed movements, followed by Double Vision’s backpack, sweatpants shuffle pop, accompanied with some comedic elements. The Primas then promenaded around in neon tutus, mixing a unique ballet intro with their hip-hop funk.


The first team to include men in their crew, Mafia by Design, took the floor next with a pattern formation based choreography that mixed elements of style with hard hitting pop “stank” and swagger. The last crew, Haeday, wore dark shredded uniforms and used more thematic elements for their smoke and face paint performance.


Interlaced through the groups were extra dances by other students, including a crew led by Miss UVU, Alicia Lee. Before the top two crews were announced, members of the audience were asked to take the floor and dance off with their best moves.  Four finalists for this intermission performance were chosen, among them the winner Micah, who stunned the judges with flips and head slides.


The final crews, Double Vision and Mafia by Design, danced off, both teams gaining smiles and gasps from judges, but Mafia by Design members Munk, Kylie, Tia, Pj and Devon gained the winning roars of applause and a standing ovation, as well as a $500 cash prize. Double Vision took home $200 for their efforts. At the end, the audience swarmed over the dance floor to envelop their representative dance crews in hugs and hip handshakes.


The judges had something to say to each team after each performance.  The advice of Kyle Reyes, Assistant to President Holland, Danica Olsen, Miss Utah and former Miss UVU, Ashley Nitzen, hip hop instructor on campus, and Carly Condie, the UVU dance team coach, was taken by each team with nods and appreciation.


“It was one of the best events UVUSA has put on,” said Cori Fox the Fine Arts Chair.


Over 800 students showed up to support the event, drowning out the music from above with applause. Those interested can check out the UVUSA school page and Cori Fox’s Facebook page for more pictures and quotes from the event.


By Timothy E. Wood II – Life Writer

Photos by Conner Allen