Father’s Day BROtique

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Vyking Events Gives Back to Community

Mackenzie Hurst | Staff Writer | @kenziehurst

Vyking Events hosted its first BROtique event on June 20, over Father’s Day weekend, at Rustica Hardware in Springville, which provided attendees an opportunity to find the perfect gift for dad.

“There are a lot of events catered to women, which is great, but there is a need for cool stuff for guys. So this is something for Father’s Day. There is a lot of guy stuff out there that a lot of guys don’t know about because it is either on Etsy or people sell their stuff at garage sales, and this is a place where people [and local businesses] can come out and promote their stuff,” said John Fanene, partnership coordinator for Vyking Events.

This free event had something for the whole family and provided families with an opportunity to make great memories, while shopping for dad. The BROtique had food trucks, local vendors, a bounce house and great music.

Vyking Events gives back to the community when hosting an event by promoting small businesses and finding members of the community who are in need.

“There are always those kind of needs that don’t get the kind of attention they deserve. So with the Change4Change we have at our events, the whole goal is that everyone has a little bit of pocket change that can make a change in someone’s life,” said Fanene.

The focus of this BROtique event was helping a family whose grandfather is struggling with health issues.

Another way Vyking Events involves itself in the community is by promoting a variety of local businesses, which made Rustica Hardware a perfect venue to host The BROtique.

“I feel like we are unconventional, we try and keep it [our events] in a way that everyone can benefit that and they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to go out and promote their business. We are big believers in local businesses and business to business relationships, business to community relationships, and we are building a bridge to the community as well,” said Fanene.

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