Benefits of being involved

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Being involved in school activities teaches important life skills that benefit students in various areas of their lives such as teamwork, diligence, time management and self-discipline. It also gives students a social edge and the opportunity to interact with other students outside of class and make new friends.

Sophomore Katlyn Zonkowsky was very active in school activities in high school. She did student council, sports marketing and played volleyball.

“Doing these activities really helped me get involved at school, meet new people and always gave me something to do,” Zonkowsky said.

Another student that learned important life lessons from being involved with school activities is freshman Holden Adams. Adams played football, cross country and track in high school. He is currently working on improving his track time in hopes of joining UVU’s track team next year.

“Being involved gave me a break from school and allowed me to unlock my competitive side,” Adams said. “It also taught me discipline in that I had to dedicate a lot of time and effort to sports. Today, I notice the same thing in school. If I am more dedicated to my school work and spend more time on it, then I get better grades.”

Utah Valley University is a school where being involved is very easy. There are many sports to play, clubs to join and activities to get involved in.

The sports that UVU offers are men’s baseball, softball, basketball, cross country, golf, track and field, wrestling; women’s basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, track and field and volleyball. There are also various intramural sports offered at UVU that are open to anyone. These include flag football, laser tag, sports night, free play and March Madness.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 8.07.46 PMUVU is known for the variety of clubs that they offer. There are about 187 different clubs currently at UVU. This way there is something for everyone. On the off-chance there is nothing for you, you can easily start your own club. To start a new club, all a student must do is find five other UVU students, pay $5 and get a full-time UVU employee to be an advisor.

Aside from sports and clubs, there are also a lot of activities the school offers. These include dances, concerts and theater and dance performances.

Sophomore Ethen Brindly enjoys getting involved. Brindly enjoys going to basketball games to support the team.

“Going to the games is important because it keeps the energy more positive, not just at the game but at school, too,” Brindly said.

Sophomore Brooke Bliss participates in the girls’ golf team.

“Being involved in something is really important because you’re going to school to get an education but activities make the college experience so much more enjoyable,” Bliss said.

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