Back-to-school week erupts with laughter with comedian Marcus Monroe

Photo by Natalie Penni

On his second visit to the UVU Campus, Marcus Monroe’s act included consistent jokes, heavy audience involvement, the juggling of various objects and even a unicycle ride. 

When asked why Monroe loves coming to UVU, he said, “I love coming to UVU because I live in New York City and it’s a bubble. Coming out to Utah puts me out of my element, I’m not used to the mountains, the beautiful scenery, the nice people, the patience people have. It’s always good crowds at UVU, I hope to keep coming back year after year, and keep coming back! I love it here!” 

Monroe’s performance kicked off the Back-to-School week of events. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 23, Marcus Monroe performed a comedy/juggling routine for a group of UVU students. The event was held in the Reagan Theater on campus and was free to all those who attended. 

The highlight of Monroe’s performance was his “Grand Finale”. Using the help of two audience members, he brought out his seven-foot tall bedazzled unicycle, mounted it and completed his act by juggling a set of three knives while riding the unicycle back and forth on the stage. 

His energy, relatability and humor kept the crowd engaged for the entire show. 

Monroe has appeared on HBO, Nickelodeon, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and more. He is also famously known for “breaking the internet” with his viral TikTok filmed in an airplane bathroom which showed him cooking a steak. This viral joke landed him on the Delta “No Fly” list. 

The show in the Raegan Theater began at 8 p.m. and had a running time of one hour and 10 minutes. 

Monroe was born and raised in Wisconsin and proudly proclaimed his state’s novelty of “beer and cheese”. Currently, Monroe is based in New York City and travels for many comedy performances. He moved to New York in pursuit of his acting/performing dream. 

Monroe understood his audience well; he made applicable jokes in terms of age, university choice, relationship status and more. He included multiple members of the audience within his jokes, which increased laughter substantially. 

Overall Monroe had the entire auditorium laughing and wanting to come back for another show. 

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