The Aces release shimmering pop album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”

The Aces, an all female group native to the Provo/Orem area, kicked off the release of their new album with an acoustic concert and meet and greet at Graywhale in Salt Lake City April 6.

“When My Heart Felt Volcanic” has been long overdue. The group have been touring for around a decade, starting locally with performances at the Rooftop Concert Series and The Velour. Since then, they’ve performed hundreds of shows all over, including Paris this year. Their years of touring have caused them to develop a natural presence that is evident in their charisma upon the stage. At the Graywhale set, they played with confidence and constantly interacted with the crowd, speaking with them and encouraging them to clap and dance along.

There have been many successful groups to emerge out of Utah. Acts like Imagine Dragons, The Moth & the Flame and Neon Trees began their careers in the Beehive State before radio stations carried their names across the globe. With “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”, The Aces are well on their way to being the next “big thing” to come from Utah.

McKenna Petty plays bass.

The album kicks off with “Volcanic Love”, a hook-infested tune that perfectly depicts the fire of a new love with shimmering guitars and expressive vocals. It was the second release to follow up the 2016 single “Stuck” that marked the band’s first impression on the music scene. “Volcanic Love” is about the type of longing love that keeps you up at night. The song has a dreamlike 1980s pop vibe to it.

In their hit single, “Stuck,” the song describes the state of uncertainty in a relationship that’s not going anywhere, a situation that 20-somethings know all too well. “Stuck” hit number 38 on Alternative songs on the Billboard charts in December 2017. With its nostalgic atmosphere and irresistible sing-a-long chorus topped off with sprinkles of The 1975 influences, it’s no wonder it earned the place it got.

Although the quartet are undeniably fun in their musical delivery, they also aren’t afraid to speak what’s on their mind. “Fake Nice”, currently their top song on Spotify, describes the all-too-common situation when someone is nice to you in front of your face, and the complete opposite when you’re not in the room. During the show, front woman Cristal Ramirez said the song is in response to Utah County’s perfectionist culture.

“When My Heart Felt Volcanic” is the perfect package of glittering pop pulling from 80s influences, but with a fresh sound that defines The Aces. The girls pull from personal lives in their writing and aren’t afraid to deliver it with boldness and confidence. That raw honesty is delivered perfectly in a dreamy, sparkling final product that contains a distinct sound perfected over years in the music industry. The Aces debut was worth the wait. It demands to be listened to, and it states that these girls are only getting started.

Katie Henderson plays guitar.

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