UVU hosts Seattle University, dropping three

Wolverine softball got to play on their home field this weekend  against Seattle University in a triple header series. Game one Friday, April 12, ended in a final score of 12-1 with a win for Seattle. Most of the points were made in the first inning of this game by Seattle racking up the runs, who scored seven in the first inning. UVU worked to keep up the defense, only allowing three more runs in the third and two runs in the fourth inning.

The next day Seattle returned to Wolverine field for two more games. The first game on Saturday started similarly to the game the day prior. UVU started rocky with a fielding error by third base getting SU on base. SU continued to single out to left field and then hit after hit gained five runs in the first inning. UVU had some big hits off of the plate, but SU’s fielding stopped the runs every time. The Final for this game was 11-1 another win for SU.

The final game on Saturday, April 13, was a game of some excellent fielding from both teams. No runs were seen from either UVU or SU in the first three innings. In the top of the fourth inning, SU earned the first run of the game. SU continued to gradually rack up the points with no runs from UVU until the sixth inning.

That inning brought a beautiful hit by freshman Abby Doughty with a triple to right center, followed by a single by senior Brianna Moeller that allowed Doughty to score the only run for UVU of the game. The final for game three was 4-1 in favor of SU, ending the series with a sweep by Seattle University.

This week UVU Softball will travel across the road to play crosstown rival BYU on Tuesday, April 16 at 6 p.m. on the BYU Softball Field. The last game against BYU ended in a close 6-5 score so Tuesday’s game will be one to see.

Photo courtesy of UVU Athletics

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