Get to know UVU’s Great Female Golfer

Photo Curtesy Wolverine Green

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Cassandra Lesa chats it up

Photo Curtesy Wolverine Green
Photo Curtesy Wolverine Green

Adam Cichocski | Sports Writer

Cassandra Lesa is an amazing golfer who has fostered a love for the sports since childhood. When asked how she got into golf she said, “My dad plays, I used to go with him to the golf course and I thought it looked cool! So I asked to play with him one day and the rest is history.”

Growing up being a serious golfer was never really on the forefront of her mind. “I wanted to play volleyball and basketball with my friends,” Lesa recalled her feelings when she was younger. In high school, however, with encouragement from her father she decided that golf was something she was good at, and wanted to pursue seriously.

We asked Cassandra what it takes to be an exceptional golfer. Her response showed why she’s so good at the sport, “To be an exceptional anything you need to have a passion for what you’re doing. You can have raw talent and physical talent, but, you have to have that desire. You want to be doing what you’re doing and want to be competing and to be the best that you can be.”

Cassandra’s words are more than advice, but how she lives her life when it comes to golf. She is an exceptional golfer who shows it at every tournament. Lesa is talented and dedicated to the sport. So we had to ask her, why UVU? “I knew I wanted to come to Utah, I have family up here and it’s an easy place to be on your own.” She met Coach Sue back when she was at BYU, and they talked about where Lesa would look to play golf in college. “I decided it was a good fit for me,” Lesa said in regards to why she chose UVU.

Being a college athlete is difficult, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep competitive in the sport while trying to balance classes. Cassandra described a typical day for her, “Wake up, go to school, workouts and practice after that, then study hall. It’s not hectic, but your schedule is planned out. You have stuff to do. It’s busy!”

When people think of an exhausting sport they typically think of sports like football, basketball, and baseball, all the more well-known sports. Golf, like every sport, requires those who play it to stay in good shape or lose a competitive edge. Lesa stays in shape by eating well, and maintaining and going to the weight room.

A golfing career is not the sole pursuit for Lesa. She happens to be a public relations major here at UVU and had originally planned to be a business major. However, she decided that the communications side of things was much more interesting and changed her major.

Cassandra Lesa is golfer to keep your eye on here at UVU and elsewhere. We’re certainly glad she decided to bring her talents to our university.

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