No Place Like Home: a guide to housing as a new student

Unlike most universities, UVU has no on-campus housing. Incoming students have to navigate all of the housing options Orem and Provo have to offer without having many of them in one location. Here is a quick guide to make that process easier.

Where do I start?

Come up with your list of must-have features for your future apartment.

  • What transportation do you have available? Can you live farther away from campus and commute, or would you prefer to be within walking distance?
  • What amenities are important to you? Can you live without an in-unit washer and dryer or a community clubhouse?
  • Do you prefer a lively student complex or a quieter residential one?
  • How much can you afford to spend on rent?
  • Do you want a private or shared room?

I have my Must List. What’s next?

Use the Housing Information spreadsheet to find which complexes check off the boxes on your list. The guide lists contact information, contract prices and deposit amounts, room types, plus a full list of amenities. 

Housing Office Tip:

Think about you major and where your classes will be held. If you’re in a health science major and most of your classes will be at West Campus, then it might be beneficial to live at Promenade Place or Wolverine Crossing, which are only short walks away. 

Are there any housing boundaries or regulations I have to follow?

UVU doesn’t place restrictions on the type of housing or how close to campus a student needs to live. You could live in a condo in Pleasant Grove or a basement apartment in Provo and still attend UVU.

You also don’t have to have your housing approved or notify the school of your housing situation. But do keep in mind that many complexes in Provo follow the BYU Honor Code, even if you don’t attend BYU. Decide if you would prefer to have that housing experience or not and make sure to ask a leasing manager or tour guide about the complex rules.

 If I have an issue with a landlord or roommate, what can I do?

UVU has an excellent resource in the Ombuds office. Whether you have a difficult roommate or you feel that your rental agreement is being violated, you can schedule a mediated discussion through the office. They also handle academic disputes and other personal concerns. Don’t hesitate to use their resources no matter the issue.

For more information on housing, including the guide booklet, visit UVU’s housing page.

Correction: A previous version of this article referred to The Green on Campus Drive as UVU’s first on-campus housing complex. While it will be very close to campus, it is privately owned and is not technically considered “on-campus” housing.

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