UVU selected for Electric Vehicle grant from Rocky Mountain Power

Stacy Hamm, project manager and chair of UVU’s Sustainability Committee, secured a grant from Rocky Mountain Power to fund the equipment and installation of six new chargepoint stations around UVU, bringing the total to eight stations on campus.

“Rocky Mountain [Power] is trying to create a network for this project. We’re just one stop along the way; it’s nice they included us.” Ham said.

This network will aid in the creation of an electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, which will help to improve the air quality by encouraging more electric vehicles to be on the road.

In order to receive the grant, Hamm first had to  apply for the Utah Electric Vehicle Incentives grant. Once the grant was secured in September 2017, UVU was given a deadline of November 2018 to have all the stations installed, in order to receive the grant in its entirety for an estimated total of $69,369.

The six new stations — consisting of five level-two chargers and one fast charger — are located throughout campus. The level-two chargers will be at the parking lots  L6 , L13, M23, west campus and the parking garage located behind the Student Life and Wellness building. The fast charger will be located in the admissions lot.

The level-two chargepoint station offers single and dual ports to accommodate both old and new electric vehicle models. These will be available to all UVU staff, faculty and students with an electric vehicle.

Because of its charging points, UVU is in partnership with Live Electric — a company dedicated to promoting clean air, innovation and economic vitality in the Intermountain West.

The stations are expected to be completed and fully operational by the start of fall 2018.

Photo by Vince Vides

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