TIPS For Graduation

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If you’re like most students, you pictured yourself graduating from college, heading off to your moneymaking job, moving into your own apartment and starting your new life in the ‘real world.’ Instead, the job hasn’t shown up, you can’t afford an apartment and you’re moving back in with your parents.

Hopefully this will be a temporary situation, but regardless of how long you plan to stay, it can be a tricky arrangement for everyone.

With that in mind, here are some tips for making this transition more manageable and enjoyable.


1. Identify your position. One of the problems many college students have with moving back home is the loss of freedom that came with living on their own. Suddenly, you have to tell someone else where you’ll be and when you’ll be home. Although this may be an annoyance, it makes it easier if you remember your position. You’ve asked your parents for a huge favor, so you need to play by their rules.


2. Don’t blow things out of proportion. Is it really that big of deal to tell your parents when you’ll be home? Does it really take that much time to make your bed each morning? Picking your battles will make the transition easier on everyone.


3. Surprise them. Performing unexpected odd jobs around the house is a great way to show your parents that you don’t take them for granted. For example, if you know your parents are working late, have dinner ready for them when they come home.


4. Offer to pay the rent. Even if you’re parents don’t demand it of you, or if you can only afford $50 per month, it will show your parents that you are responsible.


5. Stay in touch. When you’re out and about, consider checking in with your parents to let them know you are safe. You are after all their child and regardless of your age they will always worry about you. Your parents will appreciate this effort and it’s a quick and easy way to gain their trust.


6. Handle disputes like an adult. “But it’s not fair!” may have been an acceptable argument when you were an over-dramatic teenager, but that statement will not longer fly as a college grad. When you have a problem present the issue and your position calmly and ask them for their advice. They will treat you like an adult when you behave like one.


So there you have it. You’re a college grad and now an expert on how to live with your parents. Follow these tips and your transition will be easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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