Apps, the real world edition

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By Joey Whitaker



With graduation around the corner, impending real-worlders may be having private, and public, meltdowns, contemplating where they’re going to end up, who’s going to hire them and what will happen if they don’t get jobs.

Needless to say, graduating from college is almost as stressful as college itself. But graduates are in luck, thanks to popular apps in the mobile world designed to help with the transition into real life.


Getting the Job


• LinkedIn: Social media site for professionals, designed to keep users connected with networks of colleagues and peers, creating job opportunities. iTunes/Android: Free

• Job Search by A quick and simple search engine that pulls up job listings in the user’s current location or anywhere in the United States. iTunes/Android: Free

On the Job


• Keynote (iPhone)/ Office 2012:Presentations (Android): Creates PowerPoint presentations straight from the mobile device, containing everything needed for a workplace presentation: charts, graphs, animations, graphics, etc.  Keynote: $9.99 Office: $4.99

• Awesome Note (iPhone)/ Catch Notes (Android): Keeps all to-do lists, note-taking, new ideas and calendar events in one place to prevent disorganization between apps.  Awesome Note: $3.99 Catch Notes: Free




• Personal Finance: Connects directly and securely to bank accounts and credit cards to track, manage and budget money, then organizes all of the user’s transactions in a neat and easily understood format. iTunes/Android: Free

• Zillow: Lists all current residences for sale and for rent in the user’s local area or anywhere in the United States. iTunes/Android: Free