The splendor of Cafe Terrace


Named after Van Gogh’s famous painting, Café Terrace aims to bring a little taste of France to American Fork with their sweet crepes and wholesome, made-from-scratch sandwiches. Their menu features both savory and dessert crepes, the most popular being the Rome, which is filled with turkey, havarti, tomato and basil aioli and the Crankey, a blend of herbed turkey, havarti, and cranberry. They also offer sandwiches on freshly baked breads, soups, salads, and specialty drinks, like Italian sodas.


The little café looks fresh, and inviting, filled with French posters, local artwork (all for sale), and a beautiful hand-painted mural depicting a bustling French street. If diners need something to do while waiting for their lunch, Café Terrace features their own photo booth and two tables near the window offer chess and checker boards.


The café is the combined dream of Chef Steven Swallow and café manager Colin Carenaz, who worked together for over a year to bring their dream to life.


“Steven was the brains behind the menu,” Carenaz explains. “He has the culinary background. He kind of took me under his wing and taught me to cook.” Steven Swallow graduated from Utah Valley University’s culinary program, and later went on to open his own catering company, Utah Celebrations Catering. It was through this catering company that the idea for Café Terrace was born, where, as Carenaz says, “It all started with crepes.”


Chef Swallow’s build-your-own crepe bar became so popular at his catered events that his friends urged him to open a full-time restaurant. Carenaz was one of these friends. When the time came, he helped to prepare the café for its opening Dec. 9 however he could: painting, building, wiring and installing plumbing.


Carenaz says that his work has paid off.  “[Business is] better than expected. I can’t say we’ve had too much business, because there’s no such thing, but it’s hard to keep up with the flow of people coming through.” If things continue to go well Carenaz hopes to be able to expand in a few years. “We’d like to have different locations. It all just depends on how we do here.”


456 E. State Rd. Suite #1100 American Fork, UT

(801) 756-7325

Open: 11:00 – 9:00 (10 on weekends)


By Nicola Pritchett




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