The fashion debate: should men wear skinny jeans?

Sometimes fashion grows on a person and they learn to adapt to what people are wearing. Sometimes people even begin to adapt their own wardrobe to match the world’s way of dressing. But sometimes fashion just needs to disappear.


In recent years, skinny jeans have become a fashion that has grown on women. Not all women wear skinny jeans but it is still a favored form of fashion. The biggest problem that has risen from skinny jeans is the men that wear them. This is a big no, no.


“I have heard that skinny jeans are going out of fashion for women,” said Stephanie Bott a UVU employee. “But it seems that the fashion of skinny jeans is staying with men.”


This is not referring to slim jeans with a little bit of give to them, but the skinny jeans that look so tight they have to be peeled like a banana to get them off. Maybe the jeans were even sewn right onto the guy.


“If you want to wear skinny jeans I’m fine with that,” said Ben Nielson, a UVU student. “But my understanding is that they are women’s clothing and I don’t think men should wear women’s clothing.”


Skinny jeans cannot be comfortable for men. Where is the room needed to move around in them? Putting on clothes should be comfortable. Trying to slide something tight over the body can be hard and even harder to get off.


Most people do not like to be restricted in any way and clothes should not become part of that restriction, especially in movement in daily life.


“Generally speaking, I don’t care what other people wear,” said Tiffany Marie, a UVU student. “I don’t think people should make themselves uncomfortable though, and super tight jeans seem uncomfortable.”


A man wearing skintight skinny jeans can even make it uncomfortable for other people to see.


People may not always admit to a person’s face that the clothes they wear make them uncomfortable, but many know that it can and does happen.


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1 thought on “The fashion debate: should men wear skinny jeans?

  1. “A no-no”? I just LOVE how people think male-bashing is so cute and warranted -.- It’s not. God forbid people started criticizing women in the same degree and we’d hear the neo feminists go on till the cows came home. So basically women are permitted all the freedom and men are restrained by this perpetual retro homophobic-induced bashing? How liberating. Here I thought fashion was about pdersonal expression and art. Not for men I suppose. I will not be returning to this UVU crap.

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