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Elizabeth Suggs | staff writer


Coding Campus, a boot camp stationed in Provo, Utah, has partnered with UVU to encourage student growth in computer development.

Students who wish to learn more about code will have the opportunity to take a 12-week course of Coding Campus.

Coding Campus offers programming through HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students who participate are given experience with web development and web applications that will help them throughout their career.

Those wishing to be hired right out of the coding campus will have some opportunities with companies partnered with Coding Campus. Hiring partners include Mozilla,, startups, and more.

“I wouldn’t mind using this to supplement my education,” said Kenny Armstrong, a computer science student at UVU. “But they aren’t sufficient to replacing a degree.”

Students hoping to start Coding Campus have a month of pre-work to complete for the course through Github.

“We want everyone to start at the same pace with the same understanding so we can just jump in.” said Sariah Masterson, program director.

The program is designed for students who have a basic understanding of coding, in order to maintain the 12-week course program.

The majority of students at Coding Campus have college degrees or some college experience.

“The most successful students have college experience,” said Masterson. “[They’re] in a stage in their lives that they know what they want to do.”

The program is recommended to students with high drive and commitment to technology.

Masterson said that with enough drive, anyone, including those with little to no experience, are welcomed and needed.

“Even without college [this] would be great,” Armstrong said. “But I don’t feel like it would open nearly as many opportunities as a degree.”

Anyone with at least a High school or GED equivalent degree can apply can do so online. After the application, students will be asked to attend an in-person or over-the phone interview.

A 12-week course costs less than $10,000, whereas a four week course costs as little as $250. Those wishing for grants and scholarships can apply once Coding Campus and UVU officially open to students at the beginning of April 2015.

“It’s really important to be comfortable with the technology and have a passion for technology concepts.” Masterson said. “You don’t need to be an expert, just have the willingness to learn.”

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