Sexy costumes: Trick or treat?

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Halloween is a few weeks away and you’ve begun to search frantically for a costume. You dig through the attic and find that Cinderella dress you wore in second grade; it should be obvious that this outfit will no longer fit. Don’t leave the attic yet, though – you could probably safely get away with eating the Milky Way you found in one of the dress’ pockets, despite its age.

Okay, snack time over. It’s time for you to look elsewhere for a costume. Let’s talk about just girls’ costume options for now. A very common style for girls is one that actually encompasses a variety of costume types but has a basic makeup. All you need is some fishnet stockings, barely visible shorts/skirts, and a skimpy tank top. Now, to make this style all your own, simply add an accessory specific to a character and you’ve got your own individual outfit. For example, add a tiara and you have a princess. Add a stethoscope and suddenly you’re a nurse. Add a guitar logo to your tank top and you’ve just made yourself a rocker. Now you’re unique, just like everyone else.

These skimpy costumes that seem so original are actually all the boring same and they all portray the same thing to guys: SEX! I’m not saying that this is your motive for dressing in such a way, but be aware that showing some skin is going to excite the hormone levels in any guy.

Scandalous dress is a trick to girls and guys. If what a girl has isn’t for sale, why put it on display? She’s tricking herself and the people around her. While, she may feel that her outfit is harmless fun, she is in actuality portraying an entirely different message:  “I’m an emotionless sex object.” Girls, if that’s what you want, don’t be surprised if no guy respects you. How can they when you don’t respect yourself? After all, by dressing like a tramp, you send out the image that you lack confidence in your abilities and feel that the only way to attract guys is to do so with some legs and curves. Be aware that by presenting your  little eye candy “treat,” you’re playing a “trick” on yourself and on the guys around you who think you want something else.

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