Parking at UVU: Everything you need to know

Clarke Building parking lot

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As any returning student can attest, parking on campus is one of (if not the biggest) headaches that come with the beginning of the fall semester. Long lines at all intersections and constant congestion is to be expected the first month of classes. With this being said, here are some tips for how to avoid the migraines that follow finding parking on campus. Since most parking on-campus requires a permit, the first step is purchasing a parking pass. This can be done online or at the Parking Services building, located at 936 South 400 West in Orem, across the street from Lakeridge Junior High School. In order to purchase a pass, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Your UVID
  • The license plate number and make/model information for the vehicle you will be driving to campus. You can register up to two vehicles per permit.

No form is required to purchase a permit, but only one permit per student is allowed. For those looking to obtain a disabled parking permit, a state-issued disabled placard must be presented at the parking office. For those purchasing a permit using a sponsored account such as Department of Veterans Affairs, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, or other third-party, these can only be obtained at the main parking office. The three types of passes available for purchase are yellow one-semester, yellow three-semester, and purple three-semester passes priced at $90, $60, and free respectively.

Purchasing a permit and parking within the designated colored area will ensure your car won’t get ticketed. With permit purchases however, there are some rules that students should be aware of. The first is that UVU student and employee permits are digital. Your vehicle license plate number is assigned to the digital permit, which authorizes that vehicle to park in the appropriate zone for the specified permit. Secondly, a vehicle may only be associated to one permit at a time, so if an employee and student swap cars on occasion, they must park the vehicle in the zone for which it is assigned. Only one vehicle associated to a parking permit may park on campus at a time. If two vehicles are associated to the same permit and are found on campus within 30 minutes of each other, the second vehicle will receive a citation.

Lastly, because UVU uses License Plate Reader (LPR) technology to monitor parking on campus, your vehicle license plate must face the roadway and be visible and clear of debris. Vehicles parked in a stall with no license plate facing the roadway will be cited, so this is especially important. Citations range from $20-$185, so students are advised to purchase a pass and obey all rules outlined on the parking service’s website. In addition to the permit-only lots on campus, UVU has one paid parking garage by the Student Life and Wellness Center and one lot in front of the Browning Administration Building. These areas are “pay-by-station” and cost $1 per hour to park ($10 daily maximum). The pay stations, located on each floor of the parking structure and at the front of the BA lot, accept all major credit cards or $1, $5, or $10 bills. Payment is required from 5 am through 10 pm, seven days a week.

Be advised however, that regular student and employee permits are not valid in the parking garage. Aside from all of the rules and regulations, the best tip if you intend to drive to campus, is allow extra time to arrive on campus and to find a parking spot. It is much easier to beat the traffic and find a parking space if you arrive early. If possible, take the bus or ride your bike. Students and employees are encouraged to find alternative transportation to campus during the first two weeks. Check the UTA website at to find a bus route that will get you to campus with less traffic/parking hassle.

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This article previously misstated the location of the parking garage and has been updated with the correct location.


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