In regards to Spencer Shell’s opinions article: I think Spencer should have done his homework before writing his article. The OneCard and PlusCard are two different types of student IDs.

First, Spencer, the PlusCard is not a credit card, it is a debit only card. So students do see the “cold hard cash” in their account before they spend it. Secondly, in response to identify theft, according to UCCU, Visa will cover 100 percent of identity theft purchases and their tellers liken using your debit card to writing a check because your account number is also on your check.

The next item Spencer was ill informed about was what he called a “sweet deal for UCCU.” Well, yes, it is a good deal for them, but from what I hear, they fought tooth and nail to be considered a candidate. UVU looked at about seven financial institutions thoroughly before committing to UCCU. Lastly, students do not have to choose the PlusCard option for their student ID. Maybe you should read your own newspaper before writing such shoddy work. According to your own newspaper, students can still get a “regular” student ID, called the OneCard, which does not have the Visa-debit option.

In closing, Spencer Shell should also do his research about credit unions in this valley versus banks. Credit unions generally offer lower interest rates, and do not have the same fees that banks do. Also, UCCU has the most branches of any credit union in Utah County. Considering UCCU pays for a UTA bus pas for every PlusCard that they sell, it is a good deal.

I am just a regular UVU student, not a UCCU employee, and the only drawback I see is the high replacement fee if you lose the card. But, then again, Campus Connection has always charged a fee for a lost card. Spencer, all you have done is make your newspaper look bad by writing such a horrible article. Next time, do your research!

Sincerely yours,
A Non-UCCU Employee who has UVU pride