Halloween make-up do’s-and-don’t’s

Remember the part in Mean Girls when Lindsey Lohan’s character walks into the Halloween party in her dead bride get-up while everyone else was dressed in lingerie and animal ears? That’s what we want to avoid.


It’s easy to get carried away with Halloween makeup and pull out all the stops to look just the part, but it is still possible to look the part without looking ugly.


Here are some tips for three common Halloween costumes, though these rules can be used as inspiration for whoever or whatever you’ll be.



If you want to be festive, you’ll probably pull out the green paint and slather it all over your face, but you can still be festive without going green all over. Bring some focus to your eyes. Eye makeup can make such a big difference in your appearance, and focusing the green into that area will give you all the witchy effects without scaring people away. Still want more green? Pick some green shimmer or glitter powder and do a light dusting on your face, neck and décolletage.  Apply this rule to any costume requiring a different skin color.



Everyone knows that zombies eat brains, but that doesn’t mean that you have to add blood and gore to your face. They still want to look attractive to each other, so leave a little to the imagination. The key thing with zombies is to look dead. Pale out your face and use varying shades of purple to contour your cheeks and give an overall sunken appearance to your face.



Whether you like “Twilight” or not, the series has made it possible for vampires to be attractive. Fangs are now a thing of the past. Think statuesque and chiseled. Use dark browns on the cheeks and forehead to create sharpness and add definition to the face. A little brown and purple can be added to the eyes, giving a slight bruised look made famous by our “Twilight” friends.


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1 thought on “Halloween make-up do’s-and-don’t’s

  1. I see where this is going, but honestly, it’s silly. If you are going to go in a costume, go all the way! Unless you are a “Twilight” vampire, fangs are a must. If you are a zombie, you most likely did not mind your table manners. Witches are more open to interpretation, but if you think the point of a witch is the ugly factor… BE UGLY. If the point of your costume is to be gorgeous, go as a celebrity.

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