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Last Friday, most everyone on the Internet was jawing on about how it was 11-11-11. We don’t really get what was supposed to be so extra interesting and magical about that particular date, other than the fact that it was the same number repeated three times. We suppose you could make some kind of a tawdry wish. Unless you’re a grown up, that is.


For us, 11-11-11 was Veteran’s Day 2011. We set that day aside to remember the brave men and women who have served in country’s armed forces.


We honor those who have fallen for the sake of our country and we congratulate those who have made it through their tour of duty. Not all of them fought in wars. Not all of them made the big sacrifices that we typically talk about when we reflect on our men and women in uniform. As a nation we haven’t always agreed on what the military should be doing. However, we can all agree that our soldiers deserve our utmost respect and our continued emotional support, no matter the circumstances of their service.


Each and every last one of the men and women in our armed forces has stood ready and willing to protect our nation, even if it meant laying down their lives. That warrants some recognition. A lot more than a random numeral thrice written.


Well done, soldiers.


The UVU Review Staff

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