Nickels, dimes, arms and legs

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This January, I will enter my tenth year of college. Yes, you read correctly, ten years in school. So believe me when I say that I, more than anyone, hate how much school costs, and all of the associated fees. Tuition, lab fees, student fees, and that damn $400 book that is specific to the one class, and they rewrite it EVERY single year. I mean, what the hell! It’s so unnecessary, right? I was curious how much UVU students actually knew, specifically about how their student fees were being implemented, and their opinions on the matter.

“I’m indifferent to student fees. They are a necessary evil, you know, like paying for your cell phone bill; you don’t want to pay for it, but you definitely don’t want to be without your phone,” said freshman Madison Allen.

“I’m happy to pay for student fees because my scholarship is so extremely generous, and I know what it goes towards,” said freshman Gloria Dopp.

“I hate paying the money, but they do help give the students services needed that are helpful to succeed in college,” said junior Cameron Bell.

As you can see, most of those students I had interviewed were more educated than some on the overall use of student fees. I did however have to give a pretty thorough explanation and breakdown to a handful of students. For the sake of accuracy, here is a quick breakdown of where your $354.00 in student fees is applied:

$67.64 goes to Student Activity, which entails campus programs and clubs.

$156.49 goes to the Sorenson Center & Student Life and Wellness Center- the mortgage, operation and management, including the renowned rock wall.

$106.77 goes towards UVU athletics for scholarships and functioning costs.

$6.83 goes to UTA for a subsidized pass for students, and the operations of the on-campus shuttle.

$7.75 goes to Campus Computer Labs. Self-explanatory.

Finally, $8.52 goes to Student Health Services.

I can say that I don’t utilize half of the “perks” our fees go to, like UTA, or the free wellness center, and am willing to bet that a solid 40 percent of UVU students also don’t, let alone even know it’s there for us. I do however support our fellow student athletes. Funding for them brings more funding to our school.

So why do we have student fees if students don’t access facilities? Well, a bigger problem here is that prior to UVUSA having their annual vote in May determining where the fees will go, they hold a forum in December to give students a chance to voice their input on student fees, and never seem to collect a solid turnout.

So my fellow Wolverines, if you dislike fees as much as I do, join me at the next forum, Thursday Dec. 10, from 12-1 at Centre Stage. Tweet me your thoughts: @thereal_jsanch.

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