Macintosh is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition

Reading Time: 2 minutes

About six months ago, the “Mac or Windows” decision came abruptly into my life. It was the moment my brother tipped over a cup of water into my open laptop. As I later found out, it was a blessing.

Just as I thought I was about to go over to the dark side, a better decision on craigslist came my way. A Macbook Pro, or a Macbook Air?

I was on a budget, but inevitably, I decided on a 2011 Macbook air for just $400, (box and external DVD player included).

Just like comparing Hershey to Cadbury or Milka, I’m in it for an enjoyable experience.  If you’ve ever heard the expression, “not worth the calories” you’d understand why I wouldn’t want to clog my arteries, or my computer, with some bogus virus protection.

To me, waxy chocolate isn’t worth any amount of money and neither is a PC, which is, in fact, more upkeep than it’s worth.

Even if I were to put a Microsoft operating system onto a sweet piece of Macintosh Hardware, there’s no denying the sleekness with which it’s designed. In fact, its shape fits the function of sturdiness, making their products last forever.

Once more, the operating system is non-hard drive specific.  I can install an OS on a hard drive, take that drive out, put it into a completely different Mac and it will boot the machine and run perfectly fine. Try that on a PC – NOT!

Unlike Linux or Windows, Apple’s user interface design is intuitive. When I want to find something, I don’t like going into an extraneous amount of uncategorized menus. Finder actually does what its name implies. Conversely, on a Microsoft computer, one lift up on the mouse and you have to go back to the start menu to find what you were looking for. Finder is a window that actually stays open and the doc allows you for easily access to your favorite programs. What a concept!

As far as software is concerned, the free software that comes with a Mac is amazing, especially iMovie. It is easy to use and one less thing I have to buy. Want to add more? No problem! The adherence of third party software makers to Apple’s user interface guidelines is more consistent. This makes it easier in general to use new software that you haven’t used before on the Mac.

Even though software like Microsoft word is pretty crappy, not to mention disorganized, one has to face the fact that it’s the most widely used word processing program out there. So, as stated above, even though its menu bars are nonsensical, I can easily install it on to my Macbook.

Many users are loyal to Mac because of its legacy. Apple does it first.  Way back when, Apple computers were the first to have mice. Excel and Word were usable on Mac before they even existed on Windows. As Apple’s legacy of smartphones continues, Mac has made my life easier and let me do things sooner than if I had used Windows.