Welcome week at UVU

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UVU’s Student Alumni and UVU’s Student Association did a great job in putting together some activities for the student body!


Monday the 26th: Freshman Convocation.


Tuesday the 27th: BBQ in the courtyard.


Wednesday the 28th: Wolverine Wednesday and True Wolverine.


Thursday the 29th: MAWL BBQ, Fan Day and a movie night.


Friday the 6th: Green Out Dance.

UVU’s Week of Welcome has always been the same every year. Although these events haven’t been advertised very well, the attendance at all these events has been great, which means that word of mouth and social media has been stepping up to the plate. The most popular event this year has been True Wolverine. 

True Wolverine has been a tradition every year at UVU. It generally happens once a semester at midnight. If you aren’t familiar with True Wolverine, it’s simple. UVU students gather in the courtyard at midnight to watch the burning of the UVU and kiss over the waterfall to become a True Wolverine. The night started off when President of Student Alumni, Zack Dearing, gave a small speech about the symbolization of the burning of the UVU. 

Dearing said, “The burning of the UVU symbolizes the fire that ignites in every student in pursuit of their educational dreams. The flames burn green to remind us of the fires of loyalty and tradition that burns in the heart of every true Wolverine. Let the burning ignite your UVU spirit and engender pride in your alma mater. Join us in the burning of the UVU and singing our fight song.”

After the speech and the singing of the school song, Student Alumni’s Traditions Branch, Tyson Fuller, Dallin Ott and Kenny Barrus, ignited the UVU just in time for UVU’s Student Body President, Jono Andrews and his wife, to have the first kiss at midnight.  Tyson Fuller, freshman at UVU and Director of Traditions for Student Alumni, said that it was a lot of work and preparation to get the burning of the UVU ready, but it was worth the expressions on everyone’s faces when it was ignited.  This tradition goes perfectly with UVU’s Student Association theme this year, which is, “Find Your Fire.” The event was so large and great that even Willy the Wolverine showed up!

Zack Dearing, a junior at UVU and President of Student Alumni, said that the Week of Welcome is always a topnotch week because that’s when students are hyped up and school spirit is at a high level. Dearing enjoyed being able to be a part of the Week of Welcome. His Student Alumni board members were very happy to play such a big role in Freshman Convocation and they enjoyed meeting all of the freshmen that were excited to attend the university. Along with his board members, Dearing loved kicking off the school year with a great start but is even more excited to continue the high level of school pride with the upcoming September 12th event, Hullabaloo-UVU’s Fall Frenzy. At Hullabaloo, there will be 5 local bands and several food trucks along with local vendors. There is no entrance fee to this event, and the public is invited to attend. This event will take place outside between the UCCU center and the baseball field.

Kameron Dearing, a sophomore at UVU and VP of Memberships for Student Alumni, said that the first week at UVU has always been his favorite. He stated, “Incoming freshmen are bringing a lot of pride and excitement to this school and it’s showing true at both Freshman Convocation and True Wolverine. There was great attendance at both events.”

Brayden McCleskey, a freshman at UVU, enjoyed his first week at school. It was great for him to meet new people, and he was absolutely impressed with the fact that the university was so actively involved at getting the student body involved. He did think that True Wolverine was a joke, and he stated, “I thought it could’ve been much better if there was a dance or some other stuff going on so that those that finished their ‘business’ could have something better to do than to wander aimlessly around or watch everybody.”

Overall, it’s been a great week! On behalf of the student body, I would like to thank UVU’s Student Alumni and UVU’s Student Association for throwing such a great week! 

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