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Let's pray she's not reading about anything rogue. Photo credit: Ai Mitton/ UVU Review

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Let's pray she's not reading about anything rogue. Photo credit: Ai Mitton/ UVU Review
Let's pray she's not reading about anything rogue. Photo credit: Ai Mitton/ UVU Review

While some people (OK, a lot of people) in this county attend various houses of worship (OK, one particular house of worship) each Sunday, other people find that their day of rest is a day with no church services or Munch ‘n Mingles. So what can these gentiles (I joke, I joke) do with those extra three or four hours not spent inside of a building filled with crying children and newly married 21-year-olds? Is there anything in Utah County even open on Sunday? The answer to these questions and more (that you didn’t even ask) can be found right here, right now. Proceed to read.

Like I said, Sunday is your day of rest, so rest. Sleep in. But don’t sleep in too late because you’ll want to head on over to Callie’s Cafe located at 466 N State in Orem for some greasy breakfast food to soak up last night’s, uh, beverages. And while you’re there, why not treat yourself to one more beverage (of the cola fashion since our bizarre liquor laws prohibit liquor on the Sabbath in Utah County, even though Jesus drank wine) and a game of pool (which is still legal on Sunday, I am pretty sure). Callie’s offers beer and cocktails six days a week, billiards, arcade, and cowboy-themed decor.

After enjoying your sunny side up eggs and a good dose of Western flair, take a pleasant walk across the street to Kmart (stay with me here). At the Orem Kmart located at 475 N State, there is a classic photo booth that are hard to find these days. For just two Washingtons (translate: $2), you can cheese it up for the camera, and three minutes later a strip of four photos of you looking like a complete loon will magically appear. Then you can magically scan the photos onto your magical computer and magically upload it to your magical Facebook page. A magical experience all around, really.

OK, so now it is noon and you still have a good 10-12 hours ahead of you to find things to do in Utah County. Get in your car/on your bike/started hitchhiking and get yourself to the new Cinemark theaters located at 1010 S 800 E in Orem and watch a matinee. The price is right and you might just have the entire theater to yourself.

Now head down to Borders in Provo at 4801 N University Avenue. Go find the book that the movie you just watched was based on (unless it’s Twilight-related) and read it and agree with book snobs that yes, the book was indeed better than the film.

You’ve got a few options here. You can either read your new book at the Borders’ Seattle’s Best Coffee Cafe, or you can visit one of the other coffee shops in the Valley that are open on Sunday. These cafes include Juice ‘N Java (535 N State, Orem and 280 W 100 N, Provo), Coffee Pod (426 W 1230 N, Provo), and F Stop Cafe (250 North University Avenue, Provo). Go ahead – order a cappuccino and pretend to be sophisticated and in Paris rather than slightly pathetic and stuck in Utah.

If you have enough time, you can take your air of sophistication to the Springville Museum of Art located at 126 E 400 S. Walk around and admire art that’s not done by Greg Olsen or Thomas Kinkade. Hey, I’m not trying to imply that fuzzy paintings of cottages are crap . . . OK, that’s exactly what I am trying to imply. Moving on.

It’s evening and many of the places that are open on Sunday are now closed. Except for the grocery store! I know it might not sound like the biggest thrill to shop for potatoes and soy milk, but believe me – it’s much more pleasant to do your mandatory grocery shopping on a Sunday in Utah County because the aisles are considerably less crowded. Not having to dodge Suburbans full of Molly Mom and her fleet of 18 kids in the parking lot of Smith’s is heaven in and of itself.

Well, there you have it, my faithful gentile readers – a thorough look at what to do in Utah County on the Sabbath when you are bored out of your wits. Let me add one more tip: Even if it’s not really your thing, attend a local ward prayer night. They always have some kind of homemade goodies for everyone to partake of. Free green Jell-o and hot cocoa is the perfect way to end your pleasant and productive Sunday here in Utah County.

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