BLOG: A symposium on Technology and Ethics

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There are many questions whirling through our minds about the future. For instance, I’ve often wondered if it’s only a matter of time before a mad scientist constructs robots that transcend and enslave humans. But there are other questions to be asked. For example, is the time at hand when we deploy robots to fight our wars for us? If so, is this moral? Why or why not?

Questions like these (though articulated better) will be discussed at the Technology and Ethics Symposium on Tuesday Feb. 2 in the library. The symposium will feature two guest scholars, Michael S. Pritchard and Joseph R. Heckert. Pritchard is the co-director for the Center for the Study of Ethics in Society at Western Michigan University, and Heckert serves on the executive board of the National Institute for Engineering Ethics. The discussion will include a myriad of topics related to technology and ethics, specifically the role ethics should play within the field of technology as it progresses and develops in the future.

Technology and Ethics symposium, Tuesday Feb. 2, UVU Llibrary auditorium, consisting of three sessions beginning at – 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.,

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