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Trent Bates/UVU Review

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Trent Bates/UVU Review
Trent Bates/UVU Review

As winter approaches, there is a four-letter word that comes to the mind of many.


Winter comes bearing gifts of relaxation, snow-capped mountains, and a break from the school load. But, it also brings the type of chilling weather that exiles one indoors.

These types of days are those in which sleet defaces the slopes at the resort, when roads become crystallized with ice — and the unfortunate realization that the closet is sans suitable warm clothing.

In this freezing frenzy, enjoyment can be found and some of the best ideas are indoors. But before any activity is chosen, here is a word to the wise: Get your coffee on! Or for others, a Word of Wisdom: Get your hot chocolate on! Either way you choose to define hot drinks, you’ll be happy you added warm refreshment to your indoor activity.

Play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Rock like it’s the ’60s thru the ‘90s when the temperature is in the 20s. When it comes to non-violent video game battles with friends, either of these games fit the bill. Whether it’s face-melting pseudo guitar riffs, colored-chord combinations twisting your fingers into pretzels, or singing your heart out to likely humiliation, Guitar Hero and Rock Band helps you become the rock star you always imagined being, of course, without actually being a rock star, or even talented at that.

Play board games. You know, there used to be a time when games were played on a table, instead of on a gaming system. Conquer the world in Risk, or satisfy your pseudo-sweet tooth with Candyland.

Think that Monopoly puts the bored in board games? Well, you should play Twister, the interactive game that provides the opportunity to finally left-arm-red that special someone’s right-foot-blue. You’ll be closer with each spin. Remember: bare feet grip, and fresh socks slip. Both choices can be beneficial if used sagely.

Read a book. If you think it takes a long time to read a book, just think how long it took the author to WRITE the book. You might learn a thing or 30. Pick up and read the first book you come across, unless it has either the words Going Rogue, Stephanie Meyer or Dan Brown on the cover. For a special parodic treat, check out Harvard Lampoon’s newly released Nightlight.

Restore your hobbies. Remember when you used to draw all the time? You should really get back into that. Or grab that guitar gathering dust and serenade either your mirror or a special someone all night long.

Host food contests. Kobayashi may have lost his hot dog crown a few years ago, but will you ever lose your “cold dog” crown? The possibilities are endless. Nothing settles the competitive score like a vomit disqualification.

Regardless of the weather, this time of the year offers many opportunities for enjoyment, and sometimes all you have to do is look around, use some creativity and make yourself busy.

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