Problem solved! Gift solutions for those who leave you clueless

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AI Mitten - UVU Review

AI Mitten - UVU Review

Some people are just impossible to shop for. Sure, you can spend hours scouring the mall or surfing the Web, but with finals looming near, who has time for that? It’s easy to resort to gift cards, but those are trite. In a time-saving effort, here are perfect gifts for the hard-to-please demographics.

The music fanatic
You wouldn’t dare buy this guy a CD because the artist might not follow the dictates of some unexplainable and unspoken rule. Get him a set of six LP coasters. Since the LPs are original and randomly assigned to each set, it wasn’t your fault that it included an artist he finds blasé. $24.95 at

The world traveler
Her jet-set lifestyle is the talk of town. If your world traveler is actually home for the holidays instead of in say, Beirut, take the opportunity to show you care with a travel ID holder. This one has room for a boarding pass, passport and photo ID. $16.99 at

The pesky nephew
So your sister’s kid won’t stop asking you to play checkers with him? Tell him you’ll play a round once he solves the Rubiks 360, a challenge even for those who can solve the classic Rubiks Cube. $14.99 at

The pet lover
If your aunt is going to insist on bringing her pooch to every family event, she may as well make sure her surrogate child is all cleaned up. The John Paul Holiday Pet Gift Trio includes waterless pet shampoo, body & paw wipes and a pet Frisbee. $10 at

The newlyweds
All the things they asked for were given to them at the reception, so what do you get the just married couple this time? Celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife with a custom heirloom ornament.  $7.99–19.99 at

The literary snob
You know that person who always gives you a book written by someone whose name you can’t pronounce? Inspire his inner poet to write something with a hand blown glass pen and a note saying you expect to see his name on the next book you receive. $8.99 at

The politically correct artist
She’s an incredibly gifted artist. She’s also incredibly offended when you call a ‘differently abled’ individual ‘handicapped.’ Support her efforts to honor diversity with a skin-tone colored pencil set, which includes twelve different hues so she can better represent a wide range of people. $14.98 a

The superhero
Is the only conversation you can have with your brother one about what super power would be the most likely to get you a job in this economy? Remind him that you still think he’s a hero with a gold and silver plated Superman keychain. $14.50 at

The gambler
Give him a thrill that will give him a rush for weeks as he washes his hands with money soap. Each pear-berry scented bar of soap holds an amount ranging from $1–50. He’ll have to keep scrubbing until he reaches the middle and gets the bill that will win him that million the next time he’s in Vegas. $12.99 at

The diva
Of course you got assigned to your super-vain friend in the gift exchange. Download her most glamorous picture from Facebook and get her a custom photo makeup bag. She’ll be reminded every morning of what a great friend you are. $19.95 at

The stress case
You know the person, sweating, shaking and slightly (well, really) on-edge. Give him a gift that also gives to you, by calming his nerves and soothing his worries with a zen garden. What says relaxation like rocks, sand and mini rakes? Your friend’s psyche will most definitely thank you. $21.99 at

The outdoor enthusiast
She already has a one-woman tent, a top-of-the-line sleeping bag and sweet fishing gear. But how about the all-important hiking equipment? And I’m not talking boots. An electronic bird identifier will instantly detect what bird is making that noise to teach this outdoor aficionado what’s up, literally. $19.99 at

The techie
He already has the newest edition of Microsoft office, a bad ass digital camera and digital photo frames. What is missing from his repertoire? Music, of course, and how about making some sweet music on his own? With the new iKaraoke microphone, allow this techie to start a party simply with his iPod. $49.99 at Radio Shack.

The drunk
Sometimes tough love is the best medicine. For this lush, give her a subtle hint to stifle her drinking before it becomes a full-blown problem with rubber screw bottle stoppers. At least you can sleep soundly knowing the gift will get used on half-empty bottle of wine … well, hopefully anyway. Set of three $14 at

The environmentalist
Never to be caught dead with plastic bags or water bottles, this person on your list will definitely cringe at excess packaging. Simple solution: “Burn calories, not oil” T-Shirt. He’ll love to show off his stance on global preservation and clever style. Just avoid telling him you bought it online and that lots of resources were sucked away in the shipping process. $27.65 at