Club of the Month Program takes clubs to the next level

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Cheyenn Clayburn | Staff Writer


Each year the clubs office chooses an initiative to help improve the quality of clubs at UVU. This year they chose to focus their efforts on improving and emphasizing the club of the month program.

“This program helps clubs help themselves,” said UVUSA club Ambassador McKenna Einfeldt.

The club of the month program consists of a different challenge being issued to all of the clubs each month. The challenge is announced during the Inter Club Council meetings, which are held the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. These challenges typically require that the clubs do a task that will help raise their publicity or gain members.

The winner for December’s club of the month is the Women’s Lacrosse club. To win they set up a booth at the Freshman Thanksgiving event. While there, they posted pictures of one of their members helping out at the event and tagged @uvuclubs.

Last month’s winners, the Society for Human Resource Management club, performed a community service project with six of its members in attendance and tagged @uvuclubs in a post.

For that project the SHRM club participated in the Make a Difference Day Oct. 19 by putting together feminine hygiene kits.

Sean Costello president of the SHRM club said that the best part about winning the November club of the month was the free publicity and advertising. He said that it can be expensive, time consuming and challenging for clubs to do their own advertising, so he thought the club of the month program was a great opportunity for clubs to get themselves out there.

“It is our way of rewarding and challenging them to take their club to the next level,” Einfeldt said.

At the end of the month each club that participates is examined to determine if it met all of the requirements for the challenge. If it did, the club is entered into a drawing to determine which won the club of the month.

When a winning club has been chosen, the clubs office has two banners announcing the winning club’s achievements printed and hung in two popular hallways. The student club office also gives the winning club social media recognition and puts its club name into a drawing for prizes to be awarded at an end of the year club banquet.

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