Chinese Club organizes Hidden Dragon competition

Photo courtesy of UVU Chinese Club


Members of the Chinese club plan to run a competition for all UVU students throughout spring semester. This game, called The Hidden Dragon, will begin in February. Each player will be given a picture of a target and must tag them with a particular item, which will be provided by the club.

“If you don’t use this specific object they’re not eliminated,” said Conner Jasperson, president of the Chinese club. “So, if it’s a rubber chicken it’s very obvious.”

Once a player tagged their assigned target, their new victim will be the person that was assigned to the last player they tagged. This will continue until there are two players left. Others can win by posting different styles of “kills” on social media; the videos with the most likes will win. Students can sign up during club rush on Jan. 20 – 21 at the UVU ballroom.

On Feb. 4 the Chinese club will hold a Chinese New Year event in the ballroom from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This activity will include several performances such as singing, acting and dancing. Third to fifth grade students will also showcase their talents through traditional Chinese music and calligraphy.

The Chinese club has two main purposes: to teach others about the culture and to help Chinese students feel more comfortable when they’re far away from home.

“We try to integrate Chinese culture with Americans,” Jasperson said. “We want to inform people rather than having a misconception of how China actually is and not only that, we want a global community, to have people interact with other cultures.”

Yichen Zhou, vice president of the Chinese club, wants Chinese students to feel at home. “Chinese students (may) feel homesick,” Zhou said. “The club will be a good portal for them to be (more comfortable) with living and studying in the U.S.”

Members of the club believe that Chinese history is important for people to learn and understand. Yundong Zhang, vice president of the club, said the labor of Chinese ancestors and former Chinese leaders is interesting to study.

“We can learn a lot of important things from past Chinese leaders,” Zhang said.

Jasperson said the Chinese culture has a long-standing tradition and history.

“It has about 5,000 years of history” Jasperson said. “Their language is difficult and it’s extremely interesting to know how they got these characters and how it’s derived from actual images.”

The Chinese club currently has 12 members. Students who want to join the club or the game, or for other questions contact Conner Jasperson at [email protected]

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