Police blotter

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Blind traffic

Jan. 12-An officer responded to a report of a possibly mentally ill man walking in traffic. The officer quickly realized that the man was blind and offered assistance. The scene was cleared with no further action.

Minor accident

Jan. 13-A traffic accident was reported in Parking Lot 13. No injuries were reported but minor damage to vehicles was found. A traffic report was completed.

Abandoned 911

Jan. 13-A 911 call came in from the Educational Building. The responding officer found no suspicious behavior and deemed the incident unfounded.

Jewel thief at large

Jan. 13-A student reported that her jewelry had been stolen from the Women’s Locker Room in the Student Life and Wellness Center. An active investigation is underway.

Missed connection

Jan. 14-A woman called campus police because she was almost hit by a car. The responding officer was unable to locate the vehicle in question.

Lost and found phone

Jan. 14-After the report of a lost or stolen cell phone, the responding officer determined that the phone in question had been found since the initial report.

Traffic arrest

Jan. 14-An officer responded to assist in a traffic stop. The driver was issued a traffic citation and booked into Utah County Jail for an active warrant.

Scratched in SC

Jan. 14-A women with scratches on her face was reported in the Sorenson Center and officers responded out of concern for her safety. After a search, the woman was found and it was determined that she was ok.

Agency assist

Jan. 14-A UVU officer was called to assist the Orem Police Department in the traffic stop of men suspected to be involved in a theft. The officer was able to assist and help clear the scene.

Road rage informant

Jan. 14-A citizen reported an incident of road rage in Parking Lot 4. After searching the area the responding officer was unable to locate the second vehicle. The case was closed as unfounded.

Hit and run delay

Jan. 15-An officer took down the details of a hit and run that had taken place 45 days earlier and hadn’t been reported.

Suspicious behavior

Jan. 16-A student reported suspicious activity on campus. After reviewing survelliance video, officers were unable to determine any suspicious behavior.

Fleeing suspect

Jan. 16-The Orem Police Dept. called UVU Police to assist with a suspect who had fled custody at Wal-Mart on Sandhill Road and was headed toward campus. The runner ran at the tunnel and Officers were unable to locate the suspect.


Jan. 18-An officer observed a pedestrian crossing the road in an undesignated spot near 1000 S. Geneva Road. When approached the jaywalker was cooperative and apologetic.