Campus Crime Reports 10-11-22: fraud and lewd occurrences

Reading Time: 2 minutes The UVU Police Office reported six offenses over the last few weeks.

Graphic by Elizabeth Dalsing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Utah Valley University’s police department is staffed with officers who regularly respond to a number of calls and requests, including potential threats to campus safety. In the latter half of October and the early days of November, our campus police officers reported and responded to the following calls, according to their Administrative Supports and Records log. 

On Oct. 19, an instance of fraud occurred at the UVU Auxiliary Services Building at 12:21 p.m.. The case is currently reported as active indicating that an investigation is currently underway. Typically, fraud is when someone tries to illegally obtain or attempt to obtain a benefit of some sort, usually through the use of lies, and deceit with the intent to cheat or deceive the victim according to the U.S. Inspector General

On Oct. 25, officers were called to deal with a case of Lewdness. The event occurred around 5 p.m. in the Rebecca Lockhart Arena during the men’s volleyball game. Lewdness is the performance of any number of sexual acts in public when there is someone aged 14 years or younger present. (Utah Lewdness Defense Lawyer). The case is now closed to further investigation. 

On Halloween, there was a report of theft in the Liberal Arts building around 11 a.m.. The case concluded with a Cleared Adult Arrest, meaning that the matter requires no follow-up and is closed to further investigation. 

On Nov. 1, officers responded to a report that someone was skateboarding on campus. The incident happened around 5 p.m. and is now closed to further investigation. Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, and so forth are only allowed on designated outdoor paths and roadways on UVU campus

On the same day, there was a case of trespassing around 3 p.m. near the UVHWT. This was all the information provided and the matter is now resolved and no further investigation is needed.

Lastly, on Nov. 1, officers were informed of an instance of criminal mischief on campus near the UVU Studies and Leadership center around 11 p.m.. This is all the information released regarding the incident. This case is also resolved and listed as closed and there will be no further investigation. 
If you are ever in need of police assistance on campus, call 801-863-555. Their office is located in room 311 of the Gunther Technology building. You can also email [email protected] to report a crime or an incident.

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