Big Man meets Average Girl

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Big Man meets Average Girl.

There was a man.  This man was a Big Man. He was taller than other men.  He was broader than other men.  He was thicker than other men.  He was heavier than other men.  He was a Big Man in every way.

This Big Man liked order.  He liked simplicity. This Big Man liked straight lines and neat equations.  He liked the expected and normal things.

Elsewhere, in this Big Mans world, there lived an Average Girl.  The Average Girl was a girl just like any other girl.  She was of average beauty.  She was of average intelligence.  The Average Girl had an average talent and came from an average family.  The Average Girl was loved with an average love, and loved others with her own average love.  The Average Girl acted and thought and was just like everyone else around her.

But the Average Girl had a secret.  Deep down, in a quiet place of her heart that she was barely aware of, she craved all things unaverage.  She craved bright colors.  She craved loud noises.  The Average Girl craved tall trees and fast water.
One day the path of the Big Man crossed the path of the Average Girl.  Their meeting was amicable and friendly.  When the Big Man met the Average Girl, he saw her as everyone else saw her.  She was a girl of average beauty.  A girl of average intelligence.  A girl of average talent.

But the Average Girl saw the Big Man as something more.  When she saw the Big Man she saw more than a man taller than others, broader than others or wider than others.  The Average Girl saw in the Big Man her own bright colors, loud noises, tall trees and fast water.  He was the one that would release the desires of her heart.

Over time, the big man began to see glimpses of something other in the Average Girl.  He would see a flash of color, or a crash of sound.  But they were muted, and distant, and he gave them little more than a passing thought.


Eventually the Big Man and the Average Girl  parted ways.  Their leaving was amicable and friendly.  Sometimes a letter was written, or a conversation was had.  The years floated past and the Big Man and the Average Girl moved on in their lives and they began to forget each other.

Years went past and the Average girl began to remember.  She began to remember the Big Man and his quiet, neat ways.  She remember the way the colors jumped inside of her when he was near, the way the noises sang louder.  So she began to search for the Big Man.  She looked, and asked and searched.  Then she waited.  And then she looked and searched and asked some more.
One day, one day, the Average Girl found the Big Man, and she arranged a meeting.  The day came, and he was there in a room, waiting for her.  She saw him, and time slowed down as if the wind had frozen.  He stood up from his chair, and she was reminded of how big this Big Man was.  And the colors inside of her were bright, and the noises we’re loud, the trees were tall and the waters fast at the sight of him.

And when the Big Man saw the Average Girl enter the room, he didn’t see the Average Girl he expected.  He saw turquoise.  He saw thunder and lightning.  He saw lemon yellow and swollen rivers.  The Big Man saw great forests and rushing clouds.  He saw in the Average Girl everything she had ever wanted to be.

So the Big Man made the Not So Average Woman his bride.  And he loved her with a big love.  And she loved him with mountains and magenta and red clay.

And they both lived happily ever after.


Abbey Wilson


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