Alumni membership and hot cakes

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Students gather in the Alumni house to enjoy a warm meal and good company. Courtesy of Parker Donat

Each Wednesday of the summer, free breakfast is offered at the Alumni Center to students and faculty from 8:30-10 a.m., courtesy of UVU and Costco.

Students and faculty are drawn together over a warm meal each week in support of the Alumni Association. Breakfast often includes juice, muffins, bagels, yogurt, fruit and pancakes topped with ice cream.

“I am a regular. It’s the perfect place to be while I am waiting for my wife to get out of class,” said student Shawn Bartlett.

Bartlett has felt an increase in school spirit while attending classes for the past two-and-a-half years and through being immersed in the alumni environment.

The Alumni Center has been open to students for one year as of July 1. Free breakfast has been offered since October 2009 to all students and faculty.

“We are really pleased with what the Alumni Center has to offer,” said Parker Donat, president of the Student Alumni Board.

Beginning September 1, a $25 dollar membership will be available to students who want to become an official member of the Alumni Association. Some incentives of the annual membership include the free weekly breakfast, opportunities for free parking, buy one get one free event center tickets, use of the fitness centers during non-class hours and 10 percent off all food court purchases.

Donat announced the last free breakfast bash  will be held on Aug. 25. Plans for the breakfast include cooking pancakes on the Wolverine El Camino grill. Students and faculty alike are welcome to come and enjoy a free breakfast, as well as take a tour of the building.

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