Keeping campus safe

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The UVU police department keep the campus safe twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They are on a mission to ensure that the student body is safe at all times.

“[The campus is pretty] darn safe, we have a pretty low crime rate,” Police Chief John Brewer said. “[Our] biggest problem on campus is theft.”

There are eight officers and a dozen reserve officers that work for the UVU police department. The officers spend 50% of their time patrolling the campus by car and the other 50% of their time on foot in the halls or patrolling other areas on campus not accessible by car.

The police department falls under the auspices of facilities management.

‘[The officer(s) night duty] look for broken things, issues with lighting and are always looking for ways to make the campus safer,” Chief Brewer said.

Risk management is the way that they like to view what they do on campus.

Some suggested ways to keep safe while on campus are; be aware of the surrounding environment, meaning don’t get to caught up in using a cell phone, avoid becoming complacent, and walk in pairs if possible. In the event that there has been a crime committed, whether a victim or witness, the police are there to assist. They will come and check out any suspicious activity and or anything that may be amiss.

With backpacks and other personal items left unattended the opportunity for thieves to steal is great. According to Chief Brewer, theft is avoidable, simply by paying attention.

An added security feature on campus are the phones located in all the elevators on campus. The line will get you to the police department. Another way to reach the police department is by dialing them directly at (801) 863-5555 or if you are near a campus phone simply dial 5555, if that is not an option as always dial 911.

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