The Revolution

Reading Time: 2 minutes It seems like no one is just friends anymore

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Right now, in the dating world of Utah Valley, I have observed a terrible habit. Somehow, we have decided that it is not worth it to build friendships with members of the opposite gender unless we are interested in dating them.

Yes, I know that men don’t like the friend idea, but to the men, might I say that friendship too has an important advantage? What we need to realize is that the more friends we have of the opposite gender, the more friend of a friend’s and relative of a friend’s we are connected to. We also have more parties to attend where we can meet more people to expand our friendship circle.

A larger friendship circle creates more girls, or guys, to include in our reach. Friendship is not a waste of time! In the meantime, it might even be fun.

The dating practice could be compared to archery; we only have one arrow. We are shooting at the target with one arrow, then going home to make a new arrow to shoot with the next day. Might I suggest we invite all of our friends to be on our team and give them all machine guns to aim at the target with? Okay, bad example, but I hope you understand what I am saying.

Americans struggle with math, which may be a part of the problem, but it should be easy to see that the more bullets used, the more likely the target will be hit, or a great relationship made.

It is hard to change a society that feels like friendship always has strings attached, but why does it have to be that way? Can we focus on enjoying one another for what we have to offer?

Let’s start a revolution.

Tiffany S. Thatcher is the Life Section Editor and can be reached at [email protected]

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