Sherlock feels fresh

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After two highly popular seasons, the makers behind the hit series Sherlock teased fan’s expectations while offering the series a bit of a makeover.

As a whole,  “An Empty Hearse” doesn’t meet the norms of a typical Sherlock episode. In fact, without the fine series of deductions or case solved, we still don’t really know how Sherlock managed to fake his death. Luckily, the makers have offered something else — a hoot of a time and an eye-opening look into each of the series central characters.

With Sherlock’s absence, Martin Freeman steps up John’s role and seamlessly hits every emotional note, both high and low. Freeman’s performance entertains; while at the same time refreshes his sidekick role.

On the other hand, in midst of trying to win back John’s trust, it must be said that Sherlock seems to take on a bit of a sissy role. Although somewhat necessary after such an emotional absence, Sherlock puts himself at risk of loosing the nonchalant arrogance for which he is most known.

However, the addition of Amanda Abbington’s Mary Morstan, John’s fiancé, brings charming likability to the episode. Midway through, her simple “I like him” statement about Sherlock delightfully dispels potential Yoko Ono type resentment from fans and makes her character something to look forward to.

Going into a bit of the last season’s finale, it’s easy to see how Molly and Mycroft could play such a major role in the season three’s first episode. When Moriaty threatens Sherlock’s three loved ones he completely omits including them in the “three bullets”. As the episode suggests, it may be the most important thing that Moriaty misses.

Certainly Moriaty is seen dead in the last episode, yet it’s hard to believe his major role in the series has come to an end. With so many unanswered questions, makers have certainly left Moriaty’s mysteries a place to at least be remembered in future episodes.

Moving on to more comedic bits, let’s not forget Anderson’s hilarious embodiment of all Sherlock conspiracy theorists that lead to most of the cheekiness of the episode. Although somewhat less coherent, the episode was more comedic than ever before. High on the priority of the episode it brought the likes of Sherlock and John back into a crime-fighting duo. With refreshing twists involved in all its character developments, “Sherlock” season three has certainly solved each mystery only to leave us hungry for another.

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