Mickey Housley floors audience during Late Night Laughs

UVU Comedy Show, Ragan Theater, Mickey Housley, August 29th

Popcorn in hand, students attended Late Night Laughs at the Ragan Theater on August 29. The show, put on by UVUSA, featured comedian Mickey Housley.

“It was really good. He was very interactive and had a snazzy attitude,” commented Heather Jackson, a freshman International Business student. Housley called to the audience throughout the show. He frequently added information from students into his bits. A student named “Blaze” became a running joke throughout the performance.

Housley offered many humorous plays on words as punchlines for his jokes – like “foxymoron,” a girl who is real pretty, but real dumb, “demandment,” a commandment you reluctantly follow, and “Colin Trapernick,” when a girl uses political movements to trick you into proposing.

There was such a good rapport established with the audience that one student marched up on stage to put his arm around Housley during the show. Attendees really liked the interactive nature of the show. One student who was called out during the show, Trello Prince, a Senior Digital Cinema major said, “It was fun. The show kept a good flow.”

Savannah McGill, a UVUSA member and a Math Education Freshman, was the primary person in charge of the event. She remarked that she was happy with how many students turned out for the event. She said she enjoyed how much Housley incorporated the audience into his act. UVUSA plans to put on another Late Night Laughs in October. McGill said they would love to make this kind of event more of tradition at UVU.

Mickey Housley was the winner of the Houston Knockout Competition and is the author of “Chronicles of a Stand-up Guy”.

When asked how he felt the performance went, Housley said, “It was an incredible show. The audience was fun and had a good energy. I would definitely come back.”

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