UVU teams up with the Ssjinja Children’s Fund to support children’s education

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Ssjinja Children’s Fund set up a small shop in the Student Life Center where they sold authentic African handcrafted jewelry and trinkets to raise money for struggling communities in Uganda.

The Ssijinja Fund was started by David Ssjinja with the intention to give children in Uganda, and all over Africa, the opportunity to receive an education and to provide access to healthcare.

“We want to make sure every child gets the chance to go to school,”said Agagtha Ssjinja, wife of David Ssjinja.

Not only do all the proceeds go to building schools and health clinics, the crafts are all made by women in the communities that the charity helps.

“The community women make these crafts we buy from them, and then we sell [them] so they can support their households,”said Agagtha.

Amy Barnett, program coordinator for the Center for Global and Intercultural Engagement, said, “I’ve worked with David Ssjinja before, and so we decided to collaborate to help collect more donations.”

Ssjinja Children’s Fund was recently able to build a new school house in the village of Bira Zimbabwe. Though they have been able to positively affect many children’s lives, there is still a lot of work left to do to ensure all the children of Africa have a chance at adequate education and healthcare.