Jordan World Circus brings crowds to UCCU Center

The seats of the UCCU center filled with children and adults excited to witness what Jordan World Circus is all about, Jan. 23. The act from Las Vegas travels all around the United States, and the crowds cheered with a warm welcome as the group began their show in Orem.

Jordan World Circus is known for their animal acts. Six tigers kicked off the show by performing a variety of tricks, including jumping through a ring of fire. Two beautiful Asian elephants struck various poses, including a handstand to leave the crowd with a magnificent finale.

“I thought it was really entertaining. They did a good job at making everything flow and preparing all the acts,” Jed Whetton, who plans on attending UVU, said.

The show featured a diverse range of acts such as tightrope stunts, and a globe of death where three motorcyclists, rode throughout the inside of the caged ball, while avoiding hitting the other motorcyclists. Trapeze artists hung from aerial ropes and hoops and performed an array of acrobatic flips and tricks. Performers hula-hooped with dozens of hoops using their entire bodies to keep them in motion.

“I liked everybody’s different talents,” attendee Lory Craig said. “It’s something you don’t see all the time.”

Many audience members said that the animal performances were their favorite. Tigers walked upright and jumped over a row of other tigers lying across the floor. Dogs, cats and even a llama performed a variety of fun tricks.The show provided opportunities for audience members to pet and  ride elephants, a camel and miniature ponies.

This show reintroduced Cossack riding where horseback riders rode their horse sideways and backward. Performer Bekish Kozugulou did the Cossack riding along with tight rope stunts with his brothers. The brothers’ tightrope act included riding a bicycle and jumping a rope.

“This year’s show is more exciting, and people really love it,” Kozugulou said.


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