Green Out dance welcomes students back to school

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UVU hosted its first official dance of the year at the track field to welcome students back to school.

The Green Out dance, held on Aug. 24, was appropriately named as students wore wolverine t-shirts and glow in the dark green bracelets to light up the field, exemplifying school pride.

The dance began at nine, and the crowd enjoyed free ice cream, great music and a thrilling atmosphere until around midnight when the event ended.

Students, jammed together in front of a large stage and a set of buzzing speakers, lifted their hands in the air and sang together, forgetting academic responsibilities for an evening.

Junior VP of activities, Shayla Shaw-Northcott stood at the entrance to the event, handing out wristbands to students.

She noted that at around 10:30 pm, the student body had already given out over 2,000 wristbands. By the end of the evening they estimated handing out at least another 400.

Lines of students eagerly awaited entrance to the track field where they could find room in front of the lively stage, relax in the lounge area away from the crowd or enjoy the free ice cream provided by the event staff.

Taylor Bowman, a local DJ, played a variety of music for everyone to enjoy, playing songs ranging from modern hits to classic throwbacks. The rumbling bass and catchy lyrics made the night especially unforgettable.

UVU sophomore, Landon Ramon, said, “Last year’s dance was really hyped up, but this year is even better and the music is great.”

Along with Ramon, many students noted how Bowman’s music was a significant improvement from the music played in previous years.

“The DJ is definitely bringing good vibes with the music he’s playing. There’s way more people here than last year,” Peyton Morris, sophomore, said.

Although the music was loved by the energized crowd, everyone was reminded of safety concerns when a student had a seizure during the event.

Students waited in anticipation for the dance to continue as paramedics rushed the field.

Bowman consistently reminded the crowd that the students’ safety was his and the staffs’ number one concern.

During the minutes of lost music, the anxious crowd was reminded to step back and make room for the emerging students just joining the event.

“We hope she’s okay, and even though we’re all having a lot of fun, we should still be wary of the people around us and look out for each other!” said UVU freshman, Nathaniel Hilborn.


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