Madilyn Paige performs new material at Velour

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Over 200 people attended to hear the siren-like voice of Madilyn Paige, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Utah that has come to UVU many times. Debuting her new album at Velour Theater on Aug. 26, this will be her second time performing at the local Provo theater.

She performed some of her favorite covers such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by Elvis Presley and the song that started it all on The Voice, “Titanium” by David Guetta. She auditioned for The Voice in 2014 and was known for her beautiful covers, but now she wants to be an artist, not just a performer.

“She did a lot of covers, but [she’s] at that point were she has to start making a name for herself. Otherwise she is just going to be that person that sings other peoples songs,” said Tanner Paige, Madilyn Paige’s brother.

Three years after her first original album release she made “Anymore.” The album, released Aug. 24, consists of seven songs, each with messages that are versatile as well as empowering. The lyrics “Thousands of girls begin to see all the unique possibilities. All the world, four corners, every girl, join the others,” from her new song “Riptide” were made to uplift and energize the self-worth of women around the world.

“My favorite songs were, ‘Anonymous,’ ‘Scribbles,’ and a partial Japanese song I didn’t catch the name of. I am stoked to hear what she comes out with next,” said Justin Borgholthaus, an attendee.

During the performance, Paige said that the song “Scribbles” can be interpreted as a love song, something of tragic loss, or hope to remember something forgotten. There are many different interpretations, and all of them can be right. The song begins with a heavy piano intro that weighs on the musical soul and then turns more upbeat and hopeful with the drop of the drums and synthetic pop beats.

“It’s not too late to change when you mess up, there’s always something in our lives that gives us purpose or somebody,” she said. Paige also said that her biggest inspiration for many of these songs is to bring positive messages,“because I feel like it’s hard to find that right now, and I want to make people feel good with my music.”

She also helps others with volunteer work. She has done many acts for charities such as Light the World, which is a collaboration of videos and acts of charity put on by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.