Fall back into new fashion

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Head to toe season trends and accessories to cover back to school.
Brianna Bailey | Lifestyle Editor | @BriannaBailey14

The sun is beginning to fade and nights are becoming cooler. Our sweet, beloved summer is falling behind us as we greet autumn. This calls for a wardrobe transition, especially for the new school year.

Although your closet is calling for some transitional season changes, so are your school necessities. Start with your planner. Regardless of the amount of credits you’re taking, having a planner with organizational sections and space is key to staying up to date on assignments, your work schedule and extracurricular activities. Finding one that has a style that suits your personality will most likely increase your likeliness to utilize it.

Kate Spade large journal, Nordstrom, $35

Some students may prefer carrying a bag on campus, but a backpack is much more practical. Not only will it hurt your back and shoulders less; you have much better accessibility and increased room. You never know how many notebooks and textbooks you’ll have until you begin your classes. Black is classic and will match anything you choose to wear. The North Face is a durable backpack with quality that speaks for itself. The price may be a little more upfront, but you are investing in gear that can survive the rigors of college, travel and an adult life.

The North Face borealis, REI, $89

Laptop case:
Everyone has different computers and different needs for transporting their laptops around campus. Having a case for that valuable piece of equipment is both smart and worthwhile. You want to protect your laptop from any damage and have it easy to carry around. Select one that’s neutral, similar to this black and white striped one, so it won’t clash with your backpack or clothes at anytime. You want to make sure it provides good cushion, has a secure zipper and thick, durable material.

Kate Spade laptop sleeve, Katespade.com, $60

Recreate this outfit:
Each year styles vary a little more or less from the past year. This fall is no different. Layers are still a crucial element of having an on-point wardrobe. Styling a long-sleeve shirt with a layered piece that’s longer underneath is huge. Some shirts will come like this and some are more fun to create and customize yourself.
Black skinnies will always be in, period. Black is not only slimming but matches and compliments anything. Investing in a good quality pair will make a large difference at all times of the year. Don’t ever hesitate to throw a pair on with any outfit.
Combining the relaxed casual style with feminine pretty is especially important with footwear. It’s no question that leather boots are still a must-have item. Boots, similar to these laced-up ones, have that feminine touch to balance the relaxed casual style. With details such as wing tips you have perfect balance.
Statement necklaces are not going out anytime soon. Take a risk and wear bolder necklaces, they make a statement for the whole outfit. They help create the vibe of your outfit and speak louder than any other piece you are wearing. Purchasing ones with pops of color and neutral colors are both important to have variation for your selection of outfitting in the morning.

By investing in proper school accessories and new fall statement pieces and basics, confidence won’t be your only upper hand on campus this year.


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