Benefits of a UV ID card

Phot illustration by Jake Buntjer

Obtaining a UV ID card is more than just getting another piece of plastic to carry around in your wallet. There are several benefits that students can take advantage of right here on campus.

Although a UV ID is required to schedule a session in the library study rooms, it can be used to as a pseudo-bus pass, as well.

Another benefit is the Greenbucks feature, which allows students to put money into an account and use the UV ID for on-campus transactions. As part of the Greenbucks feature, the Gold Plan can be used specifically for purchasing food on campus.

“The Gold Plan is basically a meal plan, and you can purchase food from any vendor on campus with the ID card,” said Michael Cox, Campus Connection. “At the end of the semester, any left over money gets transferred to a Flex Bucket, and can be used to buy anything on campus. It also carries over into the next semester.”

Cox explained if a student were to reinstate the Gold Plan for the next semester, he or she would have to deposit enough money to bring the Flex Bucket amount back up to $300.

The UV ID can also be upgraded to the UV PlusCard, which is used as a debit card for students with accounts at Utah Community Credit Union. ID’s are available at the Campus Connection kiosk in the Student Center.

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