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Instant replay isn’t perfect, but it’s closer than just having referees or umpires decide sometimes. In a 25-5 vote, MLB baseball general managers took a big step to adding replay to baseball in certain situations. It will come into play on home runs, only if it gets approval from commissioner Bud Selig, owners, and players and umpires. Selig has opposed replay in the past but recently said he would consider limited use.

Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver Chris Henry is trying everything he can to stay away from football, or so it seems. The day before rejoining the team after an eight-game suspension, Henry was allegedly involved in an incident involving a parking attendant. Henry allegedly parked his vehicle in a parking lot without paying. Henry yelled at the attendant and threw $5 on the ground. Trouble just seems to find some people … or is it some people seem to find trouble?

College basketball
Buyers beware: Favorites probably should start taking notice. If basketball teams thought they could get by their cupcake schedules without mishaps, they might want to think again. College football’s story of the year has been upsets; and so far, college basketball’s story of the year is a team called Gardner-Webb. The "Runnin’ Bulldogs" knocked off No. 22 Kentucky last week. Don’t those underdogs know they are supposed to just lose and get paid? It’s robbery when the team gets both.

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